Safe-Xtract Pulley Block


This Pulley Block is designed from the ground up as an interoperable component of the SX-20000 Xtreme kit and also functions perfectly as a stand-alone Pulley Block to compliment the recovery equipment you have in your own inventory. It is the first Pulley Block designed from the ground up to be compatible with both Soft Shackles and correctly rated Screw Pin Bow Shackles.


Meet the Patent Pending Safe-Xtract Pulley Block

Based on years of innovative engineering and design, Safe-Xtract’s Kit, Training and Software/App-based Vehicle Recovery System is the most advanced recovery system in the world – and this is their purpose-8,000 lb Working Load Limit Pulley Block for 20000G and engineered 30,000 lb Working Load Limit Pulley Block for 30000G.

QUALITY DESIGN/FABRICATION: Machined and assembled in the USA using high-strength corrosion resistant aluminum alloy, polymer, bronze and stainless steel components. They feature machined aluminum cheeks that provide superior stiffness over stamped or laser cut mild steel. This pulley block is easy to disassemble and reassemble, and spare parts are available. It is Buy American Act compliant.

DESIGNED FOR SAFETY: Wide cheek design more evenly distributes loading and prevents use of undersized screw pin shackles. The bushings are uniquely engineered to be self-cleaning, ejecting dirt and debris that would bind the pulley of a standard pulley block configuration. The attachment holes of the Safe-Xtract pulley block are machined to only accept a screw pin shackle in the proper configuration – shackle pin through the cheek holes. This in turn reduces the chance that tree savers and other recovery gear components can be crushed, weakened or improperly loaded.

UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Custom design incorporates wide cheeks, chamfered cheek holes, radiuses edges and is uniquely shaped to prevent the pinching and crushing of synthetic line that is common to other block designs – and enables the direct use of soft shackles. The increased pulley block width prevents the use of improperly-sized screw pin shackles – undersized shackles are simply too narrow to attach.

MILITARY PROVEN: When you choose this Pulley Block, you are in good company. Hundreds of Safe-Xtract recovery kits are currently in service with US Military SOCOM units, and Safe-Xtract components have been incorporated into several US Military Vehicle Programs of Record. Safe-Xtract products have been validated by the Nevada Automotive Test Center for US Special Operations Command, and have been selected by the US Army’s 1st Special Forces Regiment to be the standard within US Army Special Forces Groups. They were selected for use by the West Virginia Army National Guard Mobility Testing Center for Special Operations Ground Mobility training, and have been certified for use by several other specialized Government Agencies.

This Pulley Block is compatible with both the SX Recovery App (Android and Apple iOS versions coming soon) and the SX Training Program.


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Pulley Block Size

8,000, 20,000, 30,000, 40000


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