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Recently I switched front bumpers. 

My original bumper had a location for a smaller light bar. 

When I switched to a full size bumper I needed to address some lighting issues I had dealt with for some time.

The lighting from the smaller light bar was good but not great. The light also was regularly covered by a snatch strap bag from Blueridge Overland Gear. 

My light bar above the windshield did not have the throw I was needing when traveling at night but had good additional flood coverage.

So the search began. 

The lighting industry has what I like to refer to as snake oil salesman. Companies will mention lumens, candle power, and wattage but their product rarely meet the end-users expectations. 

Like many other people I prefer to research what I’m going to spend my hard earned money on. I also don’t like to buy products based on great marketing. 

There are several very established and quality companies. ARB, Lightforce, and KC lights to name a few. 

I had a desire with the new bumper to use LED lights and to utilize spot and flood coverage. 

After doing some searches I found a company in Australia called Stedi. 

STEDI has built a reputation for offering Premium LED Light Bars and 4×4 Driving Lights at accessible prices. Backed by an Australian 5 Year Warranty, we have become Australia’s fastest growing online store. 

Then I found this video of the lights compared to other brand name lights.



Buying a product from Australia was not much of a concern as years ago I purchased a MSA Dropslide before they were being imported by Adventure Imports. 

The website was very easy to navigate. The instructions for purchasing internationally was straight forward. 

I purchased the Stedi Pro Type X based on the following:
The design was clean. 
They claimed a .72 mile throw with the light. 
The lights come with mounting brackets, wiring loom, lighting adapters, and switch. 
The mount was made from die-cast aluminum.

How much were these lights? $689.89 AUD
AUD converted to USD $466.71

$527 was paid for lights, international shipping, and anti-theft kit. 

My belief was at 1/3 the cost of ARB and Lightforce what do I have to lose. 

The lights arrived quickly. 
They were packaged well and protected for international shipment. 

The box was well designed and was impressed to see the design team placed their names and signature inside on the insert of the packaging. 
This told me they stood by the product.

The wiring was well done. They were of higher gauge and protected from the elements with sealed connections. 

Once I placed them on the bumper they just looked great. 

The fit and finish of these lights are tremendous.

You can personalize the exterior ring.Other colors are available (orange, green, blue, red, gray, pink, white)
I left mine gray. 
The lights come with a protective cover. 
You can purchase additional covers with a few different designs. 

At this point I hoped they performed as well as they looked. 

Before I wired them to the truck I had a few questions. 
The wiring loom as mentioned before was put together very nicely and it came with a switch.
Unfortunately I use a switch controller. 
I verified the lights amp draw and made sure the switch controller could handle the amps.
To make sure though I wanted to call and speak with someone at Stedi. 
The international call was made. A helpful voice answered. I explained what I was wanting to do. Without transferring me to help support or passing me onto someone else. Unheard of for most companies!

Did they ever!

I took the truck down the road and flipped through my factory headlights, high beams, and then the Stedi Type X Pro. The lightening was impressive. 

The lights were found to be more than effective at eliminating blind spots from lack of lighting. 

As you can see I did need to adjust where the lights were aimed after this test. 
The spots were doing really well but I did need to aim them up slightly to let them be more effective. 

The lights throw is as they advertised. I have driven at night in rural areas and have been impressed at the distance they allow me to see. 

How does this help? 
The average person takes up to 1.5 seconds to Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act when traveling during daylight hours. 
The average person can take up to 2.5 seconds to OODA when traveling during hours of darkness. 
This then becomes important to collision avoidance. 
If traveling 35 MPH, how many feet do I travel in 1.5 seconds daytime or 2.5 seconds night time? 
35 MPH converts to 51.33 ft/s then you multiply it by the reaction times. 
1.5 = 76.9 ft traveled
2.5 = 128.32 ft traveled
These distances are how far you have traveled from the point of observing a hazard. We have not even attempted to stop yet. 

If I can perceive a hazard further away it creates time/distance. 
This is a huge benefit to avoid animals, stranded motorist, trail/roadway obstructions.

The Stedi Type X Pro have lived up to their claims of throw distance for their lights. 

The flood feature in each light also performs very well. 
As you can see in the photo you get a wide spread of light to the sides of the roadway. 
The flood helps with seeing anything at the sides of the road. 

At the time of writing this I have had these lights for a little over a month and have had no issues. The lights continue to perform without issue and the quality is still exceptional. 

For any one looking to upgrade or purchase off-road lights I would recommend the Stedi Type X Pro Driving Lights.

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